Welcome to Bob’s House Of Commerce

On this page you will find links to stuff I had a hand in creating in one way or another.

Be it creating a children’s book with Fletcher Rhoden, mixing records for Finland Station or making new music with my band, Ballzy Tomorrow.

There’s all kinds of stuff here. Poke around. You might find something you like.

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Hank by Suzy & Los Quattro

Stick With It by Suzy & Los Quattro

Play On With The Rubinoos EP by Suzy & Los Quattro

Automatic Toaster by The Rubinoos

The E.P. by Quint

Great White Skies by Quint

Sharknado Rhapsody EP by Quint

Bad Ass EP by Quint

Forgotten Evil (Songs from the Motion Picture) by Quint

“(The Ballad of) Sharknado” Single by Quint

“I Don’t Wanna Spend Christmas Without You” Single by Quint

Smash Your Enemies!: The Bestest of Finland Station

Eastern Bloc Party by Finland Station

Inspiration Overload by Receiver

Poisonberry by Spooky Pie

In The Sky by Spooky Pie

Audios by Spooky Pie

Try To Be Here by Jeff Caudill

Here’s What You Should Do by Jeff Caudill

Your Favorite Trainwreck by Your Favorite Trainwreck

Strangers by Back Pocket Memory

Fat Accompli by Finland Station

The Five & Dime Best Of 2005-2010 by Fletcher Rhoden

“Gridlock!” Single by Fletcher Rhoden

The Christopher Walken Ecstatic Dance Academy Director’s Cut (DVD) – Fletcher Rhoden (

Soul Cancer Director’s Cut (DVD)

Fletcher Rhoden/Dance Hall Racket: St. Louis Blues (DVD)

Fletcher Rhoden Live! (DVD)

Santa & Me (book) by Fletcher Rhoden