I have a lot of hooks in the water when it comes to entertainment. You can hire me in any of these fun and exciting ways! For questions about any of this, email me at trash24713@aol.com.

Commercial Agent

Doug Ely at AKA Talent http://www.actalentagency.com

On-Camera Agent

Danita Florence at Littman https://www.littmantalent.com

For Voice Over

Contact my agent, Arlene Thornton at 818 760 6688.

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I will produce your record!

Here are some of the artists I have worked with:





I will produce your voice over demo!

I can edit together from existing material (if you have copies of 12-15 spots), or we will can a demo from the ground up if you don’t have one yet. Animation? Commercial? Promo? I can get it done.

Need a guitar player? Bassist? Drummer? Someone to be your lead singer? Band leader?

To use a baseball analogy, I bat to all fields with equal accuracy. As I work in production with a lot of singer songwriter types with no band, I play everything on their recordings. I’m great in the studio, I learn fast, I’m a good live performer, fluent in lots of styles and I have pretty awesome people skills as well. Do you or someone you know want to break into the entertainment business? Well, I am doing a fair amount of consulting these days. I can help you make better choices to get you where you want to go sooner.

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And, finally…


So, I can marry you if you want. If it’s out of the Los Angeles area transportation and lodging must be provided.

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